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Great Fitting Clear Aligners Start with Accurate Impressions

clear aligner impression

Dr. Jean Wu, a Prosthodontist with the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute, takes a clear aligner impression by walking us through a mandibular and maxillary impression in one easy step with Take 1 Advanced™ Monophase. She also walks you through some key tips and tricks relative to patient positioning in the chair and seating technique.

Examine the patient’s teeth thoroughly.
Look for protruding mandibular tori that might interfere with seating the impression tray and create patient discomfort. Note any erupted wisdom teeth that might require extending the impression tray. She shows you her favorite way of extending the tray, using putty.

What Music Works Best in a Dentist Office?


Whether it’s the waiting room or the dental operating area, “background music” can be a difference-maker in terms of the overall experience for patients. The fact is, most patients come in with a certain level of apprehension or nervousness and anything to make the atmosphere more pleasant will benefit everyone involved.

Performing Great Restorations with Dual Arch Impressions


What’s the secret to a beautiful smile? A great impression! As the foundation for a successful restoration, you know how important it is to take an accurate and precise impression.

Did you know that the dual arch impression technique is the most frequently used technique in U.S. dental practices today? Learn how dual arch impressions can make a difference in the restoration of your patients’ smiles and how you can correctly use this technique in your practice. Watch Dr. David Little as he crafts a porcelain crown using Expasyl® for tissue management and Take 1® Advanced Rigid for the dual arch impression.

Dental Curing Lights Infographic - Behind the Glow

curing light infographic

We present for your downloading pleasure... our latest infographic – packed tight with as many facts and stats about curing lights that we could fit on one page.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely aware that here at Kerr, we genuinely love science, technology and all the facts, figures and stats that come with them. Give us a dental-related subject and our thirst for knowledge is tough to quench.

We’ve been talking a great deal about curing lights lately (many thanks, by the way, to the many of you who took our opinion survey on the subject this summer. Surrounded as we were with facts, historical details and the survey data we’ve been collecting, it made a lot of sense to share this surplus of curing light related information with our loyal readers.

Five Dental Blogs You Have to Read on a Daily Basis

Dentistry Library Blog University Toronto

The First in an “Intermittent Series” of Dental Blogs We Can’t Live Without!

There’s blogs on healthy living, blogs on favorite sports teams, blogs on purchasing cars…and even blogs on how to blog.  Dentally focused as we are, we’re here to talk teeth and the people who make them better – and call out some of our favorite blogs on the subject. There’s dental blogs that come and go, but here are five mainstays that we’ve grown to love and go back to regularly.

A Closer Look at Curing Lights

dental curing light

Still a relatively new technology  

For most dentists it may seem strange to even consider practicing without a curing light, but in terms of dentistry, the curing light as a tool is still a relative newcomer.

In the early 1960s, the first light-curing dental composites were introduced in the market, which also led to the development of curing lights. In modern dentistry, dental composite resins, composite-based luting materials, adhesives and provisional restorative materials are all cured with the help of curing lights, which makes them one of the most-used products in the dental practice.

12 Month Clinical Data on Dental Bonding Agents

dentalbondingagents resized 600

Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek, professor in biomaterial sciences at the conservative dentistry department of the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium, is largely considered by many to be one of the world’s foremost experts on the science of bonding in dentistry, so new data and findings from him tend to resonate on a global level.


Nicole Wrigth Dental AssistantIf anyone thought that SonicFill sonic-activated, bulk fill dental composite was a direct restorative system that could only be used by the dentist – guess again! 37 states offer expanded function courses for dental assistants giving them the ability to place adhesives and composites. We had the pleasure to interview Nichole Wright, BS based in Denver, Colorado – read her SonicFill story that just posted to the Sept/Oct online issue of “Inside Dental Assisting”.


NX3 XTR Dental Cement

ORANGE, CA – September 5, 2012 – Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative dental restorative materials, has announced the launch of a new cementation system, NX3 XTR, comprised of NX3 Nexus Third Generation and OptiBond XTR.  NX3 XTR combines the strengths and benefits of Kerr’s leading resin cement with its newest addition to the award-winning OptiBond family. The resulting benefits make the NX3 XTR system an optimum solution for cementing virtually any type of CAD/CAM restoration.


sonicfill dental composite case photo

Resin composites have proven to be well suited for restoring minimally invasive primary cavities in posterior teeth without previous restoration. However, less evidence is currently available to establish their effectiveness in filling Class II cavities with proximal extension into dentin. The main concerns are the risk of secondary caries and extensive wear over time. View this clinical trial from Frankenberger R, Schulz M, Roggendorf MJ, Philipps University Marburg, Marburg, Germany; Holl S, Private Practice, Geislingen, Germany; Seitner T, Private Practice, Singen, Germany aimed to evaluate and compare the clinical performance over six months of two different types of resin-based restorative materials: the innovative bulk-fill resin dentall composite SonicFill™ and the conventionally layered resin dental composite Herculite™ Ultra.

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