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Performing Great Restorations with Dual Arch Impressions


What’s the secret to a beautiful smile? A great impression! As the foundation for a successful restoration, you know how important it is to take an accurate and precise impression.

Did you know that the dual arch impression technique is the most frequently used technique in U.S. dental practices today? Learn how dual arch impressions can make a difference in the restoration of your patients’ smiles and how you can correctly use this technique in your practice. Watch Dr. David Little as he crafts a porcelain crown using Expasyl® for tissue management and Take 1® Advanced Rigid for the dual arch impression.


Here are some tips and tricks to consider when delivering a great restoration to your patients.  But make sure to also check out the video.  

Determine margin placement.
This depends on the position of the tooth, but for a posterior tooth (as in Dr. Little’s video) put the margin as close to the tissue as possible.

Overfill, don’t underfill.
Be liberal with the material! Make sure that the tray is overfilled with Take 1® Advanced Rigid impression material in order to capture all details of the mouth.

Whoever seats the tray, stays with the tray.
Make sure that the tray is seated correctly inside the patient’s mouth and that the patient is biting down properly while the material is setting. Verify that the material is set before removing the tray.

Check for accuracy!
Inspect the impression thoroughly to make sure that you captured all of the details. What you are looking for is to see if you’ve captured the margin.  An accurate impression is the foundation of your restoration because it transmits all the relevant data to your lab!

Looking for more? From tooth preparation to finished restoration, see how Dr. Little takes us through the entire procedure with great advice and best practices.

Let’s hear from you! Share your comments with us and our community on how you make great impressions below. 


Very helpful video. Thanks for posting!
Posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:24 PM by Norman Jones, DDS
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